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Strategic Communications & Government Relations

Comprehensive strategies for moving the needle favorably on public policy goals at the local, regional, national and international levels, providing high-level access and the expertise to craft the messages that resonate with policymakers and government leaders.

Market Development

Market analysis and development services designed to create strategies for entering foreign markets. Such services may include business and investor road shows, introductions to corporate partners, legal, licensure and contractual assistance, and the establishment of foreign representative offices.

Foreign Direct Investment

Identification, development and placement of foreign direct investments, entrance into the international capital markets, private placements, and capital allocation in undervalued public and private assets and businesses. Through careful research and access to high-level decision makers within different markets and industry sectors, Atlantic Strategic Insights assists in the selection of the most attractive investment opportunities.

Political Consulting

Political consultations regarding the foreign and domestic political affairs of foreign nations, as well as the development and execution of highly effective regional, national and international public affairs and political campaigns. Atlantic Strategic Insights’ experts and partners provide services to sovereign governments, elected leaders and corporations and have extensive experience of winning elections and successful public relations campaigns. This experience is embodied in our comprehensive strategies allowing our clients to feel the pulse of public opinion, manage communications effectively, and communicate key messages to well-defined target audiences.

Foreign Delegation Visits

Preparation for and on-the-ground execution of visits of foreign public and private sector delegations to the USA, EU, Ukraine, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Atlantic Strategic Insights' unique expertise and relationships make it possible to ensure the highest level of meetings, realize concrete business objectives, and achieve long-term public impact through media coverage, communication platforms and lasting, meaningful relationships with stakeholders.

International Events & Programs

The design and execution of forums, summits, conferences and other major public and private sector international events with the aim of developing cooperation between countries across diverse industry sectors. Such events can be conducted in any number of target countries, and may include the recruitment of experts and opinion leaders from business, academia, government, think tanks and the media.

Local & Regional Promotion

Comprehensive strategies promoting the interests and public profiles of regional and local governments and business communities. Such strategies may include multilateral relationship building and the development of regional investment programs targeting institutional stakeholders.

Crisis Communications & Reputation Management

Crisis management for public and private sector actors, with experience honed on the front lines of politics, government and media. Atlantic Strategic Insights’ expertise is based upon a thorough knowledge of the political and socio-cultural contexts within the most complex markets. This includes flexible real-time communications management to deal with emerging crises, as well as the development of strategies that put our clients ahead of rapid political and regulatory changes, competitors’ actions and public criticisms.

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